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So maybe I should be some kind of laundry line.

Hang their things on me.

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Erik = sexy, fashionable love

Likes: music, The Office, The Beatles, performing, kissing a cute boy, overcast weather,
jews, seeing broadway shows, dark musical theater, Spring's Awakening, being the hottest girl in a room, my iPod, North Carolina, Star Wars, tv shows that I can quote with friends, seeing random good-looking people and trying to make eye contact with them, art, attending school dances, listening to songs that provoke deep thoughts, talking to friends for hours, rocking out in my purple chucks.

Dislikes: people who go out of their way to hurt you, people who are extreme about their politcal views, fake vibratos, constent texters, anti-anything bumper stickers, pop music (the vast majority of it atleast), dark roots on blondes, nazis, emo people, people who only like indie bands because of their mainstream hits, people who hate the beatles (which i didn't think was possible).